No successful business was created overnight!!!but you make it?

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Posted by oyewale on October 31, 2008

  1. Be honest with yourself do you enjoy what you are doing?rich men do .
    according to jeffrey lant, rich men enjoy the challenge, the game ,
    the excitement of what they are doing.
    even though they have moments that are less than thrilling,butthey expect
    them and they dont let the moment bother them .they focus more onthe excitement of their
    productive lives generally.

Richmen feel blessed by thier work and delighted at the opportunity to work and on the
projects and problems thatmake up their chosen occupation .do you feel this way?
or is it the normal difficulty in getting up and facing yet another day of empoyment?
the essence of success lies in doing what you enjoy most ,otherwise you neither do it well
nor successfully.

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